Usage of the linguistic means of expression in a reportage.

  • D. Zhumanova ПГУ им. С. Торайгырова, Республика Казахстан, г. Павлодар


Today one of the most pressing problems of our time is the power of the media subjects exposure on the people’s consciousness, the public opinion creation and the media activity rapprochement to the mass audience. Thus, by examining the empirical sources, we can consider the effectiveness of the media in terms of improving the efficiency
of involving the audience in the creative work. This in turn provides a conceptual evaluation of the Information Space formation as degree of reality, truth and validity of media production means. It should be borne in mind that audience interaction with the media is studied primarily as a means to maintain the functioning of society as a whole and not as
a source, contributing to social changes, while the problem of functioning of society is one of the basic strategies of the media activity in the applied technologies. Activity formation of the mass audience, which is one of the fundamental tasks of a democratic society activity, depends on the perception effectiveness of the activity of journalism subjects in
the context of the interaction both the media and society.


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